Wine Clinics this Summer with Opening a Bottle

Introducing Our Wine Clinics: Summer 2022

Announcing Three New Mini-Classes this Summer

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This summer, we are changing up the format of our virtual tasting series. They’ll be shorter, punchier and on weeknights. Let’s save the deep dive and comparison tastings for weekends in the fall and winter … this summer, it’s all about keeping our community of wine lovers in touch, sharing a few insights to help you be a more confident wine consumer, and answering some of the most pressing questions facing us in wine. There will not be a shopping guide for these classes as we won’t be doing a comparison tasting, but you are welcome to have a wine open for the discussion. I know I will. I might even broadcast from the backyard if the neighbor’s dog isn’t barking.

Classes will focus on surprising summer wines (June 2), biodynamic and organic wine (July 27), and identifying wine flaws and knowing what (if anything) you can do about them (August 17).

Below is a deeper summary of these three clinics I’ll be offering. We will also be moving them to a later start time for our friends on the Pacific coast: 9pm EST / 6pm PST. The classes will last for only 30 minutes (maybe 45 minutes if the conversation is humming). The Zoom log-in is also presented below each class, and is exclusive to subscribers, so you must be logged-in to access them.

If you cannot make any of these sessions, we’ll post the recorded versions in the virtual tasting archive.

Wines to Seek Out This Summer

Thursday, June 2 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST

Picture of vineyards in Austria

Ready to move on from Sauvignon Blanc, Provençal Rosé and Prosecco this summer? Join me for a quick brainstorm as we span Europe and explore some exciting wines to seek out this summer. I’ll be drinking a Txakoli from Northern Spain, and will explain some of the basic principles to keep in mind as you try to pair wine with hot temperatures, smoky barbecues and the occasional pool party. A Q&A will follow.

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Biodynamic vs. Organic Wines

Wednesday, July 27 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST

Organic Vineyard in Chianti

What is the difference between biodynamic and organic wines? And why do they even matter? In this mini wine clinic, I’ll provide the fundamentals on what qualifies as biodynamic viticulture, how it is different from organic viticulture, and what the ramifications of these practices are on wine. A Q&A will follow.

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The Five Wine Flaws to Look For (And What You Can Do About Them)

Wednesday, August 17 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST


Thankfully, flaws are more uncommon now then they used to be, but with the explosion of natural wines on the market, the door has opened back up to brettanomyces (i.e. that dreaded horse stable smell), volatile acidity, mousiness and whole host of other potentially unpleasant experiences. And not all of these flaws are the result of natural winemaking, either.

Join me for a quick, 30-minute presentation and discussion on the five most common flaws, and what you can do about them when you encounter them.

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Key to Our Wine Icons

– Practicing Organic
 – Certified Organic
 – Practicing Biodynamic
 – Certified Biodynamic
– Promotes Biodiversity
– Old Vines
– Heroic Viticulture
– Volcanic Soil
– Traditional Winemaking
– Clay Vessel Winemaking
– Family-Operated Winery
– Historic Winery
– Co-operative Winery
– Négociant
– Stay at Winery
– Olive Oil Producer
– Age-Worthy Wine
– Expensive Wine (+$100)
– Requires Some Searching

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