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Western Sicily: A Quick Video of Trip Highlights

Take 3:51 to Visit Palermo, Agrigento, Marsala and Pantelleria

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Sicily from Kevin & Hailey Day on Vimeo.

The klieg lights of the wine media have been shining on Etna for a while now, but there are some really interesting things happening in Western Sicily, too. I found this out firsthand when I visited the area in early September.

Marsala is on the rise: both as a fortified wine poised for a rebirth, and as a city that is embracing its native wine culture with renewed gusto. Grillo is blowing up as Sicily’s answer to Sauvignon Blanc. Meanwhile, Nero d’Avola is continuing to rock its guitar solo and Pantelleria quietly waits for you while you finish your meal. (Be sure to check our my latest article on Sicilian sweet wines if you are a fan of la dolce vita).

Yes, I found Western Sicily to be a wildly fascinating and compelling place. I have a few stories still in the queue for you once I complete the revamp of our Essential Winemakers section. In the meantime, Opening a Bottle’s resident web design guru and video production whiz, Hailey Day, has put together this short film of highlights from the trip.

My stops in Western Sicily included Palermo, Baglio di Pianetto, Canicattì, Agrigento and the Valley of Temples, Mazara del Vallo, Contessa Entellina, Marsala, Trapani and Pantelleria. Enjoy.

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