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Essential Winemakers of Italy

  • 20 Wines That Define Alto Adige Right Now

    Scintillating Sauvignon Blanc, Gripping Grüner, Amphora Cabernet, Oh My!

  • Foradori

    The Wines… Underneath the limestone cliffs of Trentino, Italy resides a farm devoted to the indigenous variety...

  • Villa Calcinaia

    The Wines… Underneath the surface of this Chianti Classico estate is a progressive winery on a mission...

  • The Mystique of Sciaranuova

    400 Words (Or So) On the Old Vines of Passopisciaro's "Contrada S"

  • Barbacàn

    The Wines… What could be more Italian than doing one thing supremely well? In the case of...

  • Abbazia di Novacella: Legend of the Alps

    Italy's Second Oldest Winery is Far From a Stodgy Place

  • Tasting Report: Abbazia di Novacella Wines, June 2019

    How the Abbey's Wines Refuse to Stray from the Script

  • Abbazia di Novacella

    The Wines… Italy’s second oldest and northernmost winery is perhaps the least Italian of them all. Look...

  • Badia a Coltibuono

    The Wines… Badia a Coltibuono has long been a leader in organic viticulture, beginning their conversion in...

  • Villa Russiz

    The Wines… In parts of northern Italy, the cultural influences of ancient empires still linger in unexpected...

  • Alois Lageder

    The Wines… Don’t be fooled by the sheer volume of wine produced by Alois Lageder. Yes, there...

  • Cardedu

    The Wines… Cardedu may be one of the most peculiar entries on my Essential Winemakers list. The...

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