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Our Monthly Newsletter: Never a Dull Bottle.

Opening a Bottle is an online wine magazine devoted to the world’s most interesting wines and the clever people who make them. My weekly stories, photo essays and profiles are a guide for you, the at-home wine consumer who likes a good bottle with a good meal.

Starting this year, I will be sending out a new monthly digest of what’s new on the site: the newest First-Taste Guide to a particular wine region; the latest updates to my Essential Winemakers lists; perfect food-and-wine pairings worth exploring; and my new series of short, 250-word (or so) recommendations on cool bottles worth seeking out.

And as always, I’ll provide vivid photography that takes you to these wine regions from the comfort of your kitchen (but you might want to turn-around: your sauce is about to boil over!)

Thanks for being a fan of the site.

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Issue 1: Top 10 Wines of 2017 plus: Barolo, Saint-Émilion, Valtellina & Amarone (January 2018)

Issue 2: Girls Scout Cookies, Chianti as a Varietal Wine and Barolo’s Quirky Cerequio Vineyard (February 2018)

Issue 3: The Veneto Edition – Verona, Bardolino, Lugana + Bottle Syrah and Barbera Bottle Recommendation (March 2018)

Issue 4: Alsace’s Grand Cru Brand; Figuring Out Friuli; Big Barolo (May 2018)

Issue 5: Can Albariño Conquer the Central Coast? Where to Stay in Barbaresco (June 2018)

Issue 6: Rosé Has Been a Waste of My Time; Alsace and Valle d’Aosta Have Not (July 2018)

Issue 7: The Ethos of Alsace’s Wines and Why You Should Get Your Beer-Geek Friends Into Wine (October 2018)

Issue 8: Thanksgiving Wines, Franciacorta and Wines from an UNESCO World Heritage Site (November 2018)

Issue 9: The Best Wines of 2018 (December 2018)

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